Quantum mechanics, she is correct cvining

I still have objections to the … beauty of quantum mechanics, but she is correct.

Heartless attack

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You have to have a heart to have an attack

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Said of Peter Sellers who suffered 8 heart attacks when he inhaled amyl nitrites (poppers) as a sexual stimulant

Coffee and genitals cvining

The influence of coffee in stimulating the genital organs is notorious.

Silent killer of the night cvining

The liver is the only thing standing between the smoker and death! Also certain other things have to be avoided... like, uh, feather beds, and romantic novels... and the, uh, touching of one's organs. Masturbation is the silent killer of the night! The vilest sin of self-pollution! It is the sin of Onan!

Sex is the sewer drain cvining

Sex is the sewer drain of a healthy body, sir! Any use of the sexual act other than procreation is a waste of vital energy! Wasted seeds are wasted lives!

Dust in the cosmic wind

All we are is dust in the cosmic wind, from fricking 2 billion miles away! The fastest object ever made by man (the NASA Parker Solar Probe) has reached only 400,000 mph and would take 3,350 BILLION YEARS to get to where this blast came from (even if it's were going in the right direction). And the big bang was less than 14 billion years ago.

It's genuinely difficult to get one's mind around the scale of this cosmic event which, from that mind boggling distance, shredded our ozone layer, however briefly. It may be worth pondering the distances and massive energy involved.

The universe is staggeringly large, and affects us despite all that. While nothing, absolutely nothing on this planet has nor ever will have the slightest effect on the vastness of the universe. So it is well to be humble about our, any of us, our own importance. And to savor each moment as if a far distant gamma ray burst might wipe us all out the next. Because, dear friends, it may.

For me this is not depressing but liberating.