Carbon Neutral

Climate change is all around
Creeping on us, makes no sound
Always something else to do
The cars, the wars, a bank or two

The answer: easy! has been found!
Leave that carbon in the ground.
Can we resist these fuels so useful?
And live each day carbon neutral?

The inevitable cvining

I do feel sometimes I'm just entertaining myself while staving off the inevitable. Don't you?


Sure you do.

Niceness doesn't last cvining

You, Colm, you know what you used to be?

No Pádraic what did I used to be?

Nice! You used to be nice! And now, do you know what you are? Not nice. 

I suppose niceness doesn't last then does it Pádraic. But I'll tell you something that does last. 

What? And don't say something stupid lIke music.

Music lasts.

I knew it!

And paintings last. And poetry lasts. 

So does niceness.

Do you know who they'll remember for how nice he was in the seventeenth century? 


Absolutely no one. Yet we all remember the music of the time. Everyone to a man knows Mozart's name.

Well I don't so there goes that theory.

Someplace else

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If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.

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Substitute my own

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I reject your reality and substitute my own

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Made famous by Adam Savage of Mythbuster, who borrowed it from The Dungeonmaster (1984). A similar line appears in an even earlier Doctor Who episode

Writing it down

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Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.

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Borrowed and repeated (with permission) by Adam Savage on Mythbusters circa 2015

A life wasted

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The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman. The ability to play chess well is the sign of a wasted life.

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We all have knives

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Of course he has a knife, he always has a knife, we all have knives! It's 1183 and we're barbarians! How clear we make it. Oh, my piglets, we are the origins of war: not history's forces, nor the times, nor justice, nor the lack of it, nor causes, nor religions, nor ideas, nor kinds of government, nor any other thing. We are the killers. We breed wars. We carry it like syphilis inside. Dead bodies rot in field and stream because the living ones are rotten. For the love of God, can't we love one another just a little - that's how peace begins. We have so much to love each other for. We have such possibilities, my children. We could change the world.


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So packed in

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When I played Keokuk one night they were so packed in they couldn't laugh ha ha ha, they had to laugh ho, ho ho

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Tireless service

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...In addition to these changes, Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and Chief Executive Officer Stan Deal will retire from the company and Stephanie Pope will lead our BCA business, effective today. I want to thank Stan for his many contributions and dedication since first joining our ranks 38 years ago, and for his tireless service as our BCA leader during an uncommonly difficult period for our company and for our industry.