About Cronin B. Vining

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Cronin Beals Vining

Born: 1957  Baltimore, Maryland USA

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Below is a link to my chess games.  I played tournament chess actively from 1973-1990 reaching a USCF rating of the low 2128s.

Cronin Vining Chess Rating

The file below contains 347 of my games, about 250 of which were in rated tournaments.

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  • Website design and hosting since 1996
  • Designing Drupal powered websites since 2006 (Drupal version 4.6)
  • Websites Designed, Hosted & Maintained

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Conference Organizing and Advisory Committees

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Honors, Awards and Society Activities

2007                        Doctor Honoris Causa, Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, Odessa, Ukraine

1997                        Elected Full Member of the International Academy of Refrigeration, Section of Thermoelectric Cooling and Materials, St. Petersburg, Russia (the first US member)

1995                        Elected Academician in the International Thermoelectric Academy, Chernovtsy, Ukraine

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1983:                       Postdoctoral Fellow, Ames Laboratory‑US Department of Energy, Ames, Iowa.

                                Acting group leader for a group of five graduate students and one technician. 

1983:                       Ph.D. (Solid State Physics), Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

“Superconductivity and Long Range Magnetic Order in Ternary Rare‑Earth Iron Silicides.” Major professor: Dr. R. N. Shelton

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Professional Positions

1995-present              President and founder, ZT Services