Selected Quotes of The Banshees of Inisherin

"You, Colm, you know what you used to be? No Pádraic what did I used to be? Nice! You used to be nice! And now, do you know what you are? Not nice.  I suppose niceness doesn't last then does it Pádraic. But I'll tell you something that does last.  What? And don't say something stupid lIke music. Music lasts. I knew it! And paintings last. And poetry lasts.  So does niceness. Do you know who they'll remember for how nice he was in the seventeenth century?  Who? Absolutely no one. Yet we all remember the music of the time. Everyone to a man knows Mozart's name. Well I don't so there goes that theory. "

"I do feel sometimes I'm just entertaining myself while staving off the inevitable. Don't you? No. Sure you do. "