[img_assist|nid=25|title=LIBERAL!|desc=Attack ad paid for by the Alabama Republican Party (Oct. 28, 2006) against Carolyn Ellis (D) running for Alabama State Representative for House District 79 in Auburn, Alabama. Didn't you know? She's a LIBERAL!!|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=73]

Even in Alabama, Republicans seem a bit desperate. Why else such vicious attack ads? Ellis is (gasp!) a LIBERAL! To be sure, Ellis's ads against the Republican incumbent are no less mean. She call's her opponent, Hubbard, a conservative.

Ellis herself seems slightly embarrassed to say she's a Democrat here in The Heart of Dixie. Her ads and posters don't even mention she's a Democrat that I can see. Even on her website you have to dig to find out, and you won't find the word 'liberal' there at all.

What's so wrong with being Liberal? Who is against progress? or freedom? or tolerance? That's all it means to be a liberal. Look it up yourself. website: