Chocolate Jesus: My Sweet Lord!

Chocolate Jesus: My Sweet Lord!

I don't know if this is actually religion or humor. Both, I suppose.

It seems artist Cosimo Cavallero has created a 200 pound sculpture of Jesus Christ made entirely out of chocolate. Did I mention the sculpure is anatomically correct? And nude?

Cardinal Egan described it as "sickening" and the Catholic League, said it was "one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever." Well, if this is one of the worst assaults ever then Christians have had it easy compared to, say, the Jews.

Full story at SFGate.

Be sure to watch the (unrelated) video of Tom Waits singing his Choclate Jesus song (an immaculte confection). The lyrics are availble here.

Turns out, there are all sorts of chocolate Jesus's for sale. A quick google search found this place that will sells Jesus, Mary, crosses, angels and even a Mazel Tov card all made from Chocolate. Sweet Jesus indeed!