Ghosts of Segregation: American Apartheid

Ghosts of Segregation: American Apartheid

This. Because American Apartheid is not ancient history. This is America. Still. Segregation may not be law anymore, but it's not just a ghost neither.

How many American neighborhoods, schools, and churches today are nearly entirely segregated? Is yours? Or is it just theirs?

I asked, when I lived in Alabama, why the churches were entirely segregated. A young woman told me in all sincerity "why would they want to come to our chutches, they got chutches of their own". I no longer live in Alabama.

Take your time to view the images and read the context.

Today, many a Black father has to have a talk with their kids about how to behave when pulled over by a cop. Or they might get killed. It's a kind of progress, one has to concede. 60 years ago Black fathers told their sons not to make eye contact with a White woman. Or. They. Might. Get. Killed.

Take your time and look again. This isn't a history class. You won't be graded. But it should be a history class. And it should be history. But it isn't neither.

When I see MAGA hats, when I hear there are good people on both sides, or that All Lives Matter, whether intended or not (and I hope it's not intentional, but fear it is, either out of design or ignorance) this is the America they seem to me they want again.

There is nothing about segregated America to admire or pine for. And it ain't all ghosts neither.