Bush Abused Power For Libby

Bush Abused Power For Libby

When Pres. Bush commuted Mr. Libby's 30 month jail sentence he abused the power of the President, clearly an impeachable offense.  No one can question that the President has this authority, but to abuse his power in this way demands action.  Democrats and Republicans alike should find the courage to just say no.

Libby's lies prevented discovery of the actual criminal behind the outing of Valery Plame.  Plame's outing, in turn, was part of a deceitful smear campaign designed to push us into this unjustified, ill conceived and disastrous war in Iraq.  Bush is saying: we are above the law, lie for me and I'll cover your back.

Republicans impeached Pres. Clinton for lying about an inconsequential affair.  Nobody died when Clinton lied.  When Bushies lie, people die.  We need to impeach Bush and Cheney now.

  Cronin B. Vining
  Auburn, Alabama