Constitution? We don't need no stinking Constitution!

Constitution? We don't need no stinking Constitution!

It was a good week for Republicans. In their final days this session (and hopefully their days running Congress), they have managed to pass no less than three bill which undermine the US Constitution. And a fourth bill walls us in. Literally.

Torture and wiretapping were legalized and a few bricks were removed from the wall between church and state (presumably we need those bricks to keep the Mexicans out). One might think none of these bills would withstand court tests, but the US Supreme Court ain't what it used to be.

1. Detainee Bill (aka Torture Bill)

Hailed as a 'compromise', the bill allows evidence extracted under torture to be used in trials and grants amnesty for any torture used before the bill was passed. This was no compromise. It was designed to look like a compromise and silence dissent. All those opposed are aiding the terrorists.

2. Warrantless Wiretapping

Supposedly a tool to use against known terrorists trying to contact people in the US, this bill gives the President authority to decide who to listen in on. If they are 'known', why can't you get a court order today to tap their calls? Answer: you can. But the Bush position is that the President really shouldn't need to ask anyone's permission. His Congress seems to agree.

3. God 1, Constitution 0

This bill doesn't exactly change the constitution. It just says if you want to enforce your constitutional rights in court, even if you win you can't pay your lawyers out of the winnings. IF, that is, the right you are trying to enforce is the Establishment clause. Any other court case, you are entitled to recover attorney's fees. But not if you sue about God. Funny. You would think God could afford to defend himself.

4. 700 Mile Wall

Rather than actually fix the problem, we'll just put up a wall. Mr. Bush, tear down this wall!