White House Used Gov To Alter Elections

White House Used Gov To Alter Elections


In violation of the Hatch Act the Bush Administration has repeatedly and consistently used at least 15 federal agencies to try to influence elections, favoring Republican candidates (aka "our candidates") over Democrats. The report in the Washington Post details 20 meetings held in 2006-7 alone organized by deputies of Karl Rove.

In the course of questioning sources in these agencies reporters repeatedly heard the same response: that these were "informational briefings about the political landscape."

"Informational" hell. This was about campaigning, clearly forbiden by the Hatch Act anywhere in the Federal Government. The Hatch Act forbids coersion and the use of federal facilites to influence elections. Coersion may be hard to prove since Democrats have been largely purged from Federal agencies, but inappropriate use of recources should be a slam dunk.