Say, why all the glum faces? - G. W. Bush

Say, why all the glum faces? - G. W. Bush

That's how Bush opened his post-2006 election news conference today.

Why indeed? Democrats in. Republicans & Rumsfeld out. It was a good day, so long as you aren't a Republican.

Republicans have good reason to be glum. Even with huge money and gerrymandering advantages in most races, many Republican incumbants lost by large margins.

Lincoln Chaffee of RI, for example, lost by 53%-47% even though he personally had a 65% job approval rating. Nothing personal Lincoln, but Republicans just gotta go. Too bad you didn't change parties, even jumping to independent status. Had you jumped ship, you'd still be in Congress today.

Some have already suggested this sea change might be a good thing for Republicans. Presumably by 2008 Democrats too will look misguided, ineffective, corrupt and hypocritcal. Maybe so. But if losing is a good thing, more people would do it on purpose.