To commit suicide in Buffalo is redundant 

That famous line from "A Chorus Line" -- "To commit suicide in Buffalo is redundant" -- has been claimed by many authors.

According to the original cast members and crew, Neil Simon was called in by Michael Bennett to serve as play doctor. In their soon-to-be-published book "The Longest Line: Broadway's Most Singular Sensation, 'A Chorus Line,' " Gary Stevens and Alan George tell the story of the record-breaking musical in the form of an oral history augmented by photographs. Neil Simon told the co-authors in an interview: "The joke about Buffalo. Sometimes I think I wrote it, and then I'm pretty sure that Mark Twain wrote it. I sometimes think it was in the show before me, and yet there's a part of my mind that says I wrote it, and there's a part of my mind that says it's an old joke that was written by somebody like Mark Twain, and it wasn't Buffalo, it was someplace else, like Philadelphia or something."