OK, here's the story.

I've got my Google homepage setup to give me headlines from various sources.  Anything really big will be on all of them.  You know, I need to keep informed.  So as I can hold an informed conversation down at the Wheelhouse Tavern.  But from time to time there will be an oddball headline that just catches my attention.

Today's winner?  This one:  "Army looking at how fish oil might reduce suicides."

Mind you, I'm not all that interested in the story.  I just want to parse the headline.

The Army.  The friggin' 'Be All You Can Be" US friggin' Army.  Two friggin's.

Is looking at.  Looking at, mind you.  Fish oil.  That's right, fish oil.  I'm thinking, 3-omega.  And for reasons a marketing guy might better explain, I'm also thinking ginko biloba.  

And suicides.

Army.  Fish oil.  Suicides.  Got it.

Now, that's the sort of news I want Google brining to my attention.  Army. Fish oil.  Suicides.