The American

The American

Saw it this afternoon.

Not exactly, I suppose, a 'feel good' movie.  Even a bit dark.  But actually quite well done.  Bits of foreshadowing, some very nice cinematography with those italian villages.

I love the scene in the bar with that Sergio Leone film "Once Upon A Time In The West" playing in the background.  The bartender just nods at the TV with pride: "Italiano."  

"Once Upon A Time" is a great film in it's own right.  In the opening scene, Jack Elam (Snaky), a character actor in a bit role, is waiting for a train at a remote railroad station.  Out of boredom, he traps a fly in the barrel of his gun.  It's an exquisite scene, setting up the contrast of long periods of mindless waiting punctuated from time to time by rapid, decisive action.  By the end of the opening scene, Charles Bronson (Harmonica) has killed Snaky.

Harmonica: And Frank? 
Snaky: Frank sent us. 
Harmonica: Did you bring a horse for me? 
Snaky: Well... looks like we're... 
Snaky: ...looks like we're shy one horse. 
Harmonica: You brought two too many.

Back to 'The American'. living in a world where you can't trust or afford to get close to anyone at all.  But that's what he's good at.  I like the ending with the endangered species butterfly, flying off.  And the slight hint of ambiguity, something like the ending of "Butch Cassidy" or "Shane".  Certainly they each died.  But you want to believe they didn't, and you don't actually see them die.

Yes, a fine movie.